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what do you do for a living? Don't be shy.... let's hear it!

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Mar 27 11 8:20 PM

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me... I am a web and graphic designer for both; the motorcycle industry and a corporate sellout (guess which one pays better :) I do work for a ton of chop shops under the moniker of Eric Maurer Designs (  and have done web, graphics and marketing for hard working folks who I greatly respect and admire and I feel lucky to work with such cool cats. In addition, I am a corporate sellout and do work for companies like Microsoft, Boeing, and others.... its not chopper shit, but it certainly pays the bills and keeps me supporting the industry when I need parts (or my rent paid).
Lastly, I have, do and always will write for magazines. I have been published in Drag Specialties Magazine, Parts Unlimited Magazinee, Hot Bike, Street Chopper and others.

I do this because I love it, I don't do any of it for the money, the recognition or the glory (well, maybe I do the corporate stuff for the money :) but I still love it all. All this work allows me to spend my evenings, weekends and vacations in the garage, in the shop, at the shows and hanging with awesome like minded people. I am lucky to have the gig that I do.... I may not be doing what Jesse James, Randy Smith, Cole Foster or many like them do for a living, but I contribute to the industry in my own way at in the end, I am a gearhead, through and through and in the end, I am a gearhead through and through.... always have been and always will be and I am fortunate to contribute to this awesome community in the manner that I do.

So let's hear it.... I told you what do, what do YOU do????


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Mar 28 11 8:06 PM

Adult special ed teacher.

Very few people that work with this population will admit it, but just because someone is mentally handicapped or disabled doesn't mean they can't be an asshole. They can be. And they know that they're doing it. That said, i enjoy my job a lot.

Give it a try, parts ain't going to build themselves.

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Mar 30 11 8:21 AM

computer nerd, programmer

after making imaginary shit on the internet all day long, there's nothing i'd rather do than get in the garage and get my hands dirty, or better yet, get out and ride.

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Apr 12 11 12:54 PM

Currently, and as of now will be for the next some years, studying mechanical engineering.
Havent got a lot money for my 2-wheel stuff atm, but I guess it'll pay.

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Apr 16 11 7:02 AM

I am a glass blower and make neon for a living.  I have a small, humble shop in Madison. It has it's good days and it's bad days (like ALL jobs!).

Always have been an artist, but very rarely does that pay much, so most of my neon is commercial signage.  Anybody needs a neon sign, lemme know!

like everyone these days, I started a blog last summer and have put up some random stuff I've worked on, some interesting, some not so much...

Snuffbox 10, much respect, I worked in group homes with adults for a looong time, even got a degree in social work.  it was really challenging at times, but mostly cool.  I bailed on the career to get into neon.

Happy to find this forum!

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Jun 12 11 1:12 PM

Engineering Tech for Ford Motor Company in rapid manufacturing. I run three 3d sand printing machines. They work like a large inkjet printer to produce sand molds for castings. Very cool technology.
After work i do service work on motorcycles,Atvs,Snowmobiles out of my garage. And I ride my shovelhead every chance I get.

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May 13 12 12:30 AM

i work for the family biz as a project manager for a construction company. but i build bike on days i dont feel like working

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