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Feb 7 11 2:08 PM

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I started this bike before the forum started, so Ill post from today on.
Waiting for powder coated pieces and then Ill start painting plastic.

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Feb 9 11 7:22 PM

I didnt go the money route...Nice suspension and a shit load of massaging of parts. I wanted to show my friends that it doesnt take money to build something neat. By no means is it stock and/or nice as the photo above...none the less, I put some time into it, and we will see if it works out.

and Speedjunkies being on this forum stokes the fuck outta me.
Thanks and I hope to meet you some day...You have great taste.

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Feb 9 11 9:20 PM

looking at the picture, it doesnt look like you changed much, if anything from the original.  bike really looks pretty 'stock'...i see the exhaust is different, but not much else looks out of place.  

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Feb 9 11 9:34 PM

oh no......all electrics under tank hidden, and battery moved behind seat-total pro like.... all rear plastic chopped and shrunk and fused...1100 rear wheel. Side fairings, and nosed shaved and scrunched, with all new mounting points.  Front headlights and fairing stay custom...New Mikuni's coming. Custom seat pan and upholstery....shitloads of messaging.......and the paint will be sweet. ...not to old pipe, tires, battery,chain, sprockets, electrical, race cases, clutch, steel braided lines, powder coating....hours upon hours of ebay.....and Im not excatly saying thats a lot of hard work..., or choppin it up so to say..but more time consuming with different materials.
It was/is fun as ever, and I cant wait to get my hands on another old Jap bike.
I made sure that any repairs could be done with three's are so cool!
The aluminum seemed like bad butter.
I dont mean to ramble, but new forum and all.

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Feb 10 11 12:41 PM

Tks man!!!

I like the wind holes.. reminds me the 92 CBR900RR... there where so Radical  back then still look cool...

Are you going to cover the other half of the headlight opening? Cant wait to see the paint job i bet is something out of Suzuka or Lemans!

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#15 [url]

Feb 17 11 2:32 PM

Bought a bunch of steel, cutting disks, flapper wheels, a new tank of gas, some stainless welding rod, and munhcies for the fridge.....Im ready to get to work. I have never did a full project during summer hours before...

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Mar 9 11 1:33 PM

That's some killer stuff. I dig what you did with the body work. The lines fit so much better now and still keep much of the original style. Nice job Jeff. Slabies rock, and this one should be pretty interesting. Eager to see how it turns out. So far the progress is inspiring.

Build it, Ride it, Live it.

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Jun 26 11 10:02 AM

havent seen much of this get it going jeff?

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