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American, Japanese, European.....All Custom Streetbikes welcome!

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Feb 18 11 4:33 AM

Not even if you made your own zbars? :)


My thoughts xcept, I like pre made ones.

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Mar 9 11 1:19 PM

Here's a little something I'm working on. XS650, 750 big bore. Mono Shocked, GSXR arm, Daytona forks, Legend TT spoke wheels. 70's Suzuki tank and a custom tail. Finaly got it into a solid roller the other night. Now it's time to finish everything else.

Build it, Ride it, Live it.

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Mar 15 11 9:32 AM

heres mine  made the sissy bar using the neighbor`s new dumpster , shaped the seat pan,p-pad and back rest on the same dumpster and a ball on the back of my shitty ol truck , then sewed it all by hand. made the pipe out of the stock head pipes and some 3 in pipe . not the best but we do what we can  

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Click here to view the attachment
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Apr 13 11 7:17 AM

this is my first. 80 gs1000. 90s gxsr 750 front end,  wheels, brakes, and rearsets. probably get around to some motor work one of these days.

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#33 [url]

Apr 16 11 10:23 AM

my bike.  89FZR.  Aquired it last year for two thirty packs of PBR and a pizza.  It's been fun transforming it to a streetfighter.  Nothing to fancy yet. Pro taper bars, cut the can in half, water bottle rad overflow, tail section off of a 78 KZ650.  Just got a new sprocket set- 1 down in front-2 up in back.  I want to go trend humper and put some 50/50 tires on it, help with the urban enduro kick I'm currently on...

This is most definitely a low budget build, but it's fun.

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#39 [url]

Mar 11 13 5:28 PM

OK, let's try to get this shit moving again.  I've had it with the other Chopper sites. 

Got rid of that old Ironhead I posted about and now have these...

1992 Brat Sporty 1200

And a 1976 Honda CB750 Chop.  Was my daily last year (2012) and I'm just about done with some changes, namely a 5 1/2 foot tall custom Sissy.  My design, my buddies welding skills.

NHMike: Hardcore since 1973

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