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May 17 11 6:13 PM

I've been building mounting brackets for the quarter fairing. Three weeks till I leave to Ohio with it. I had two bikes featured on Pipeburn this week. Time to get back to work.

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Jun 13 11 5:53 AM

I made it back from the Lake Erie Loop race at noon on Sunday. What a blast! My class started at 6:02am Saturday morning. My bike took a while to warm up, so I was a few seconds late going through the gate. It started in Wellington, OH. I headed toward the Ohio turnpike and picked off most of the riders by the time i got on the turnpike. Headed west in full tuck wide open all the way to Toledo, OH. Gassed up, payed the toll and headed straight north on I-280 to I-75 to Detroit, wide open full tuck. My support truck payed his toll and didn't catch up to me until a mile from the Ambassador Bridge at customs in Detroit. I gassed up, went through customs, rode over the bridge to Ontario and headed straight east on the QEB 401. I got behind the truck and cruised. Had to merge onto the QEB 403 and headed towards Hamilton, ONT. I flew past the last rider and was in the lead and had a good 10mph over the 2nd place rider. Started running out of gas, so I pulled over. It wasn't out of gas. I pulled a plug cap and stuck a plug in it, no spark. I took and seat off and check the battery. Fuck, .18volt. When I had the seat off, i noticed gas dripping off the tank. I think the vibration may have cracked a seam. After 340 miles into the race (over half being WFO), sadly had to load it up. Went to Niagra Falls and through customs, detained for about a 1/2 hour and started heading back. Saw one of the riders on the side of I-90 in PA. He blew an oil seal, so we made room in the truck for him and the bike and headed back to the finish line. We headed back to Iowa at about 9:00pm and pulled made it home by noon on Sunday. Put on 2330 miles. What a great experience and looking forward to doing it again.

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Jun 14 11 6:10 AM

Excellent read and effort. Your bike came out top shelf, its been a treat to follow your thread. Holding that WFO for those hours must have been an intense vibe. May I be the first here to salute your run. 

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Aug 9 11 5:56 PM

Been riding the Hell out of this lately, seems to be the first one I grab when runnin' around town. Getting some miles on it and its working good. Now on to the next project...

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Apr 1 12 1:32 AM

hey,this is my cb200 cafe,looks similar with the one on the first page.never got onto a race.nice bike you got there

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