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Feb 16 11 11:52 AM

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Not Sure if this is the right place to start a topic like this....

Please post 95 and earlier Bikes!

Let me make the start...

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Feb 17 11 6:13 AM

My dad bought the first year FZR400 delta box frame.. It redlined over 14 grand. What a crazy fun little bike to drive. It would bake your hands though. He still has the 1991 FJ 1200 he bought new. Pretty sure he wants to sell it.

That old square tail makes me think of those days.

Drive Fast Take Chances

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Apr 18 11 9:04 PM

I got some early 80s superbike pics.

I got plenty more, also some links.

Ah, and if anybody wants, I'll post an early 80s laguna seca superbike vid.

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