Dec 18 11 7:50 AM

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Hi there

Thought I would introduce myself (would be rude not too!) I'm from Wiltshire in the UK and found the Whitepipes forum via the Church of Choppers site which I visit pretty much most days to check out the photo's and articles (keep up the good work)

I've been riding for 30 odd years (maybe a little more :) ) and have owned a variety of bikes Jap and Italian. Current project is a cafe racer/hot rod XS650, nothing to radical on the modifications and it is work in progress with a target of being finished for the spring. Engine wise it's stock at the moment, but will probably end up with an 880 conversion, some porting and polishing and some sort of uprated cam shaft. Thanks to the UK inspection rules we have a wonderful thing called a daytime MOT test which allows a bike to pass an inspection without working lights and indicators etc so the XS will be running a race spec digital ignition and no generator, which will save some reciprocating weight and ultimately allow some messing with advance curves once the new engine is built and installed.

Anyway enough talking here are some shots of the bike as it stands (looks a bit "junkyard special" at the moment but it will evolve over the coming months) If folks are interested I'll post more photo's as the build continues.

Cornish Pixie